Los Tularcitos
The Breakup and Partitioning of Los Tularcitos (1834-1870)
During the pendency of the Gomez heirs’ patent claim, many property transfers took place within the grant boundaries. In Wolter’s capacity as administrator, Wolter sold the entire Los Tularcitos Rancho to John C. Adolph Steffens at public auction on January 28,1854, in order to pay debts of probate and to satisfy the claim of Gomez’s son, Felipe, to his share of the estate (B-175). Thereafter, on March 15, 1854, Steffens convoyed ¾ of the Rancho to Edward Vischer (B-180), a friend of Wolter’s who was an artist and traveling merchant. Thereafter ¼ of such land was converted to Vischer to Julius K. Rose (B-181) who, in turn, quit-claimed such interest to S.M Mezes on April 2, 1855 (B-326).
The above- described events in Monterey County and the Carmel Valley closely parallel the events occurring at the Rana Creek Ranch during the above referenced time periods.
On April 2, 1855, Mezes thereafter conveyed this ¼ interest to John W. Ackerson and S.B Gordon, ⅛ interst each, on February 4, 1859 (D-90). Although Gordon retained his ⅛ interest in the Rancho, Ackerson conveyed his interest to Charles Underwood (E-411), who thereafter transferred the land to Andrew J. Ougheltree on March 14,1870 (I-551). Ougheltree, that same day, conveyed the land from Matthew C. Ireland (I-553).
On June 8, 1854, Steffens conveyed his remaining ¼ of the Rancho to Edward Vischer (B-211).
On February 2,1856, James Bell sued Vischer and forced a public sale of the latter’s interest in ¼ of the ¾ portion of the Rancho previously converted to Vischer on February 13, 1854. Bell then transferred the property to Daniel J. Johnson on July 7,1866 (F-380), who, thereafter, sold it to A.J Ougheltree on August 18th of there same year (F-380).
On March 31, 1855, Vischer quitclaimed ¼ of this interest to Herman Mencke (B-327), who thereafter sold it to Octavius F. Cipriani (B-472), who, in turn, quitclaimed it to Charles Wolter and heirs on April 14, 1856 (B-498). CHarles Wolter then sold the property to Felipe Gomez and John E. Gomez on September 4,1856 (B-568), who quitclaimed the ¼ interest to their mother, Josefa Estrada (her maiden name) de Wolter on May 26, 1856 (D-211).
The remaining ¼ of Vischer interest in the Rancho was sold at public auction, pursuant to the Writ of Execution, to Charles Wolter on February 21, 1856, for the sum of $4,000.00 (C-29). Charles Wolter died testate on September 23rd later the same year, Josefa Antonia Estrada de Wolter, thereafter being appointed the executrix of estate (See,0-398).