On December 18, 1834, the Governor of California, José Figueroa, issued a land grant of Los Tularcitos to Rafael Gomez, a Mexican lawyer, in consideration of Gomez’s political support. Consisting of approximately six square leagues (26,581.34 acres), Los Tularcitos was the largest land grant in the Carmel Valley.
Gomez started a small head of cattle, planted some grain, and built an adobe structure (remnants of which can still be seen on the property today). However, due to his untimely death in 1838, when he became entangled in the reata of a horse he was trying to drive away from his grain, Gomez did not have time to develop the Rancho to large extent. By 1840, his widow Josefa Antonia Gomez, has abandoned the Rancho. However, Gomez’s songs apparently continued to work the property.
In 1843, Josefa Antonia GOmez remarried to a Captain Charles Wolter, a native German who was master of several ships. Thus, the Widow Gomez became Josefa Antonia Gomez de Wolter. Under her remarried name, Gomez’s widow filed a claim with the U.S Board of Land Commissioners on March 20, 1852, claiming a right to Los Tularcitos under the 1851 Land Act. Eventually, the Rancho was patented to the heirs of Gomez in 186. Charles Wolter became the administrator of the Gomez estate.
U.S.A. Patent to Heirs of Gomez
A Patent 194
Los Tularcitos
The United States of America to all to whom,’these presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas. It. appears from a duly authenticated transcript filed in the general land office of the United. States, that pursuant to the provisions of the Act of Congress approved the third day of March one thousand eight hundred and fifty one, entitled “ An Act to ascertain and, settle the Private Land claims in the State of California” Josefa Antonia Gomez de Wolter, widow and Felipe Gomez and the other children of Rafael Gomez, deceased, filed their petition on the 20th day of April, 1852 with the Commissioners to ascertain and settle the Private Land Claims in the State of California, sitting as a Board in the City of San Francisco, in which petition they claimed the confirmation of their title to the tract of land called “Los Tularcitos” containing six square leagues a little more or less, situated in the County of Monterey and State aforesaid, said claim being rounded on a Mexican grant. To Said Rafael’ Gomez, deceased, made on the 18th day of December 1834 by Jose Figueroa, then Governor of California, and approved by the’ Territorial Deputation 22nd day of December 1852 rendered a decree of confirmation in favor of the petitioners which decree or decision was, on appeal affirmed by the District Court of the United ‘States for the Southern District of California at a Special Term in 1855 in the case entitled “Heirs of Felipe Gomez Appellant adv. The United States Appellants, “And, Whereas, it appears from a duly certified transcript on file in the General Land Office, that the Attorney General of the United’ States having given notice that appeal to the Supreme Court at the December term 1856 “Ordered adjudged and decreed, that the order granting an appeal to the Supreme Court heretofore made in the cause, be and the same is hereby vacated and that the claimants have leave to proceed under the decree of this Court heretofore rendered. In, this. Cause, as under a final decree” And Whereas, it further appears ;from a duly certified transcript on file in the General Land Office, that is having been satisfactorily shown to the aforesaid District Court, that “a clerical error was made in entering the decree of this Court heretofore, to wit, at the special September Term A.D 1855, thereof rendered, and’ that said error consists in the insertion of the ??????